Who We Are

We are pleased to bring in an ethical revolution to conventional science by putting the most potent and targeted health supplements within your reach! A deep study is performed to see how a biological enzyme or nutrient can bring out powerful affect on damaged cells. We go back in time to see what have we lost in todays world modernization.

We are into making skin care, hair care, targeted medicine, aqua science and nutraceuticals.

We look at how the best so far can get better and more potent.


Today our air, water and food quality is bad which has a negative effect on health.

To fight this our bodies lose a lot of essential nutrients therefore a very little is left for the body to do its daily functions hence we face numerous health problems.

JLS has developed a breakthrough delivery systems ALTA ABSORB TM which ensures much better delivery along with faster and better absorption, we source our nutrients from the world's best sources probably the best that can be in a bottle.

Acqua JewelTM

Nature uses water to deliver us the nutrients our body needs to carry out more than 300 enzymytic functions, But sadly due to human activities water isnt the same.

The way water is processed, purified using chemicals, seriously detoriate the quality of water and reduce the nutrient levels.
Our new patent has made it possible to restore the most optimum levels needed to be in water for our bodies, We make water more potent, more absorbable, a water that goes back in time.

Out soon !

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